Anchor Freight Service Inc. has been providing packing and freight delivery solutions for customers since opening its first Service Centre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Today, Anchor Freight Service Inc. is a highly respected brand, operating a vast network of company-owned and franchise-owned Service Centres in Canada. We are continuing to expand our Service Centre retail network worldwide.

All through the company's significant development, one thing has continued to be stable: The promise to provide our customers with suitable one-stop-shop solutions for sending anything, anywhere. Sildenafil

We give our customers the right to use numerous freight, courier, shipping, postal and removal services without any limit on the size, value or weight of items. It indicates that we have solution to each and every requirement of the customers in terms of budget, delivery time and reliability as we have the sources and capability to deliver and pick up to almost any destination on the earth.

Anchor Freight Service Inc. contributes in a high growth logistics services market. Expertise and globalization have re-shaped the way both businesses and people buy and send things - and this trend is playing to the company's strengths

Our complete range of value-added services, include professional custom packaging of items of any size or weight. We are the industry leader with respect to packing and sending goods that are fragile, large, awkward, and valuable. We also sell a wide range of packaging supplies.

Our specialized services include:
• Domestic Services
• International Services
• Dedicated Trucking Services
• Ocean Shipping Services
• Trade Show Logistics