• LTL (Less than Truckload)

Less than truckload is the transportation of comparatively small freight. Shipping for small loads or freight can accommodate the shipping needs without forcing to buy, operate, insure and maintain a fleet of vehicles, which can be expensive enough to eat out the profit offered by smaller loads.

Less than truckload services of Anchor Freight Service Inc., range from specialized services developed for this particular need and parcel services. We combine the loads and shipping supplies of different companies on their truck, which is very cost effective as compared to running an entire truck for one small load. It allows us to distribute the cost among several different customers.

• FTL (Full Truckload)

Full Truckload shipping is the movement of large amounts of identical cargo, usually the quantity necessary to fill complete semi trailer. order A truckload shipper is a trucking company that generally contracts an entire trailer-load to a single customer.

Choosing to go full truckload sometimes prove to be cost savings depending upon the type of freight which is being shipped. Also, full truckload rates do not depend on the classification of the shipment. Rather, the pricing depends on the path and the distance traveled. If you are shipping to a high volume destination, then chances are that a driver would give you a good rate on your shipment because it is beneficial to them as well.

Let Anchor Freight Service Inc. help you with freight shipping services that make a world of difference price these tough times.

Take benefits of our years of global freight and domestic freight shipping experience at all levels in the logistics business. We can help you in many ways to save your time, money and provide peace of mind.

• Expedited

Expedited Parcel is the cost-effective service provided to deliver the documents or parcels within Canada with the following features:
1. Guaranteed delivery times:
   • Local– 1 day
   • Regional– 1 up to 3 days
   • National– 2 up to 7 days

2. Delivery confirmation and the ability to track your items online from start to finish.
3. Coverage up to $100 for loss or damage.

Customers can ship any item by Expedited Parcel service through Anchor Freight Services Inc. , provided the item:
• meets the size and weight specifications for this service
• is properly prepared and packaged
• does not contain any prohibited mail or a dangerous good.

• Multiple Pickups/Deliveries

Anchor Freight Services Inc. is pleased to offer our clients the service of doing multiple pickups and deliveries for both LTL/FTL shipments. If you are interested in this service, please contact one of our experienced transportation consultants who can help to specially make a solution that will fit your needs.